Claire Iris Schencke



“I discovered my first calving glacier in Alaska in 1995. I fell in love with the explosive spectacle. Ever since, glaciers have captivated me.

On a trip to visit our son in Chile in 2005, my husband and I sailed through the Beagle Channel. Tracing Charles Darwin's passage, I sketched, with frozen fingers, all day long while gliding through Glacier Alley - named for the numerous, glistening tidewater glaciers that flow into the narrow waterway.

‘In many parts, glaciers extend from the mountainside to the waters’ edge. It is scarcely possible to imagine anything more beautiful than the beryl-like blue of these glaciers.’ Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle.

The following year, I hiked in the Icelandic glacial valley of Thorsmoerk, with my intrepid sister Susanna. Dominated by a peaceful glacier called Eyjafjallajoekull, this once obscure glacier with the unpronounceable name, erupted into a volcano last year, spewing ash into the air and grounding flights over most of Europe. 

As anthropogenic global warming accelerates, glaciers have become an essential barometer measuring the health of the icecaps, the oceans and finally the planet itself. These majestic rivers of ice are melting and we face the prospect of a world without them. I seek to bring the intense beauty of remote glacial landscapes into your life and make their predicament real."


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